Business Planning

Comprehensive perspective, integration of specialty, overall optimization, collaborative implementation

[Five year strategic plan]

In the next 5 years, the company will actively promote the "integrated" and "two wings" development strategy. The so-called "integration" means taking the existing basic platform of the 100-year-old group as the main body, striving to develop emerging industries to attract talents and innovative products, and to develop into the intelligent medical biotechnology industry. As the group's pillar industry, the group implements sharing and strengthens intelligent medical biotechnology The sustainable development strategy is based on the concept of creating a “healthy and convenient” high-quality healthy life. With the help of modern biotechnology, the United Science and Technology University continuously improves the technological content of 100-year-old biological series products, expands the industrial scale, and adjusts the product structure. The concept of a healthy 100-year-old life has initially become a well-known brand in the industry, effectively improving the core competitiveness of the enterprise; the other wing is the industrialization of real estate development-from industrial development to industrial services, and to form sustainable growth in domestic project services Continuously optimize the management of industrial service companies that benefit the company.

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